Manual Therapy Professional Development


Therapists are welcome to join treatment sessions with the client’s permission.  In the event of a referral, I encourage shadowing to build a collaborative relationship and provide a client experience that demonstrates the amazing and diverse skills of our profession that make a difference across their health needs.


Kim Rondina, PT enjoys developing the clinical decision making processes of physical therapists.  Her unique set of skills, years of clinical practice, results with a diversity of conditions and complex clients, TA credentials with 2 highly recognized organizations as well as experience with the professional development of greater than 100 therapists, provide a dynamic framework for mentorship. The mentorship sessions are tailored to the learning style of each ‘mentee’.

This mentorship opportunity will not simply provide you with the answers of ‘what’ or ‘how’, but rather create curiosity and problem solving that will change your career!

Study Groups

Group interactions provide a diversity of perspectives and engage a unique learning experience as well as ongoing networking and collaboration. A minimum of 3 participants are required to setup a study group.

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