‘Holistic Physical Therapy’ and Autonomy

What’s the difference?

Holistic Physical Therapy is less defined by the environment or the payer, and more by the depth of interaction and clinician’s skill and knowledge.  Our national organization has a vision of autonomous practice.  This can only be realized if physical therapists own a greater responsibility of understanding the causes of pathology and dysfunction.  I truly love my profession and what we offer the communities we serve, but we are far from autonomy.  As a therapist, are you willing to stretch your comfort zone and contribute to an evolution of our profession?

For clients, knowing how to distinguish those therapists can be challenging.  Each of you has access to dozens of amazing therapists in your area.  One recommendation is looking for a physical therapist with an expansive set of skills as well as resources and colleagues across medical specialties (including alternative medicine). That therapist is more likely to have an integrative approach to your health.  And one that can provide a greater positive result!