The daily efficient and inefficient postures and movements we develop as a child remain with us throughout our life, but can be altered by changes in activities or by trauma. A healthy body can adapt to new activities related to work, play/sport, or a new role such as parenting. But often, dysfunctions in our body’s interrelated systems remain hidden until the stress of a new activity or environment trigger pain and disability.  It is quite common that the underlying cause has a connection to an event in our past.

We offer comprehensive physical therapy care for a wide range of diagnoses, conditions, and injuries. Our services are designed to reduce your pain and restore efficient function. We provide individualized and specialized care and treatments that will take you down a successful path of health and well-being.

Our advanced Physical Therapists are trained to identify underlying inefficiencies which can lead to unexplained pain or loss of function. Let us evaluate your body’s alignment and movements and make you aware of any areas that may limit your health or increase your potential for future pain or injury.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn