Our Treatment Approach: Step-by-Step

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For rehabilitation associated with a painful condition or following an injury, postural and body mechanics training, enhancement of athletic performance, or for simply exploring your existing potential, our specialized Therapists follow a consistent approach to ensure we understand your goals, provide you with the highest level of care, and make sure you are empowered with the knowledge to get back to and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We have developed a series of medical questionnaires to guide our initial evaluation of your current condition and help us pinpoint the true root of pain caused by prior injury or existing habits. We also want to understand your goals whether they be eliminating pain or enhancing function.

As your treatment progresses, we’ll continue to discuss and evaluate your goals. We hope to inspire full participation in order to achieve your optimum functional performance. We ask that prior to arriving you do your best to answer each question completely and truthfully, which will make the most efficient use of our time. If you don’t have the opportunity to complete the questionnaire beforehand, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your initial consultation to do so.


Utilizing a unique combination of total body approaches including Functional Manual Therapy™ (FMT), which thoroughly evaluates and treats your body’s mobility, neuromuscular function and daily strategies for posture and movement, as well as manually assessing lines of tension throughout your body we will perform a comprehensive examination of your medical history and current condition.

Your initial visit will last 75 minutes and will be conducted by our expert therapists. A treatment plan that outlines your goals, the frequency of treatment sessions, and a home exercise prescription will be developed. We encourage you to schedule regular treatment sessions at the frequency prescribed by your physical therapist as soon as possible to secure appointment availability.


Our one hour treatment sessions allows our physical therapists to individualize a treatment program for each patient and have enough time to focus on discovering and correcting the true source of your pain or dysfunction. You will be empowered with the knowledge of how to care for your body, make it work efficiently and prevent future injury.

Even though many patients see and feel results within the first visit, we’ve discovered that for most recovery and optimum function and performance goals, future sessions at a frequency of 1-2 visits per month are recommended for sustaining future health and on-going prevention. Your therapist will tailor the number of treatment sessions based on your individual physical needs to achieve your optimal health and wellness.


maintainFollowing the completion of your episode of care, we strongly recommend a ‘tune-up’ at 6 months. This is all about ensuring your system continues to function efficiently.

Similar to how you might view taking your car in for a ‘tune-up’ … to keep the engine running smooth, having an expert review all of the related systems will prevent a major problem from occurring and costing you time and money.  A similar view should be considered regarding injury prevention and your physical health. Our 6-month ‘tune-up’ is both hands-on treatment and a check-in to ensure no new ailments or underlying issues are developing.

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