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FREE! “Talk With Our Docs”

Living Wellness Medical Center
Tuesday, September 20th

We encourage you to grab a friend, spouse, family member, therapist, or colleague to be a part of this event.  The individual who brings the greatest number of participants will win a FREE evaluation session which includes treatment with our speaker, Kim Rondina, PT, DPT.

Topic Includes:

  • Visceral Manipulation:  What?  Why?  Who?  Yes, you!

Introduction – Transform Manual Physical Therapy joining Living Wellness Medical Center.

Kim Rondina, PT, DPT has 15+ years of experience and has a specialty practice providing unique treatments addressing the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, including Visceral Manipulation.

What is Visceral Manipulation?  

Gentle, EXTERNAL manual therapy that aids the body’s ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction across systems.

 How do you know if Visceral Manipulation is right for you? 
Just like muscles, tendons and joints, our viscera (organs) need to move to remain healthy and to function appropriately.  Unfortunately, our organs do not have similar pain receptors that tell you when you have a problem, or many times it’s later on when the issue is more significant.  Or we have all heard that a heart attack can create arm or jaw pain, well that’s a visceral referral pattern!

Wait, your saying my liver can cause my neck pain?  And my kidney can cause hip pain when I sit or run?


If you have vague or random symptoms, symptoms that have not responded to traditional therapies, have a seemingly growing number of medical issues or are looking for an alternative, holistic approach to your health, Visceral Manipulation may be beneficial for you.

What conditions does Visceral Manipulation address?

  • Orthopedic Issues
  • Digestive dysfunctions
  • Respiratory problems
  • Urinary / Pelvic Pain

Discussion will also provide information on what to expect with Visceral Manipulation assessment and treatment, numerous patient examples that we all can relate to as well as providing time for Q & A.  This topic will definitely lead to some questions about your personal health experiences and needs!

Come with a curious mind (and lots of friends) and you will undoubtedly leave with a new perspective on what contributes to physical health and movement!  We will also share some interesting facts including how far your kidneys travel in a day!  Any takers on that one?

It is guaranteed that you yourself will relate to the patient examples provided and the conditions that Visceral Manipulation can help, or you have friend or family member that can right this very moment.  Yes, our organs are that important to our daily health!